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Room 1108, Ocean Cottage

Nawalland Ocean Avenue-gil 8

About this property

Stability of Ocean Cottage

Tax accountant certification

Legal Attorney Certification

Certified real estate agent

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This is an officetel tailored for families of 3 to 4 people located near the beach in NawalLand..

It is adjacent to a kindergarten, elementary school, and middle school, and the school district's merits can be seen as enormous.

This is an officetel that brought considerable competition to newlyweds as the establishment of a school was confirmed at the time of sale.

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Although the landlords do not live in the area over time, more than 90% of the tenants rent it.

This is because it can feel cramped for groups of 4 or more.

Because there are schools and various academies, the community facilities are called Edu Zone, not Ocean Cottage.


There are shopping malls of various industries from the 1st to 3rd floors, and parking facilities are available up to the 4th underground floor.

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Since many of the residents are minors, this is a property that pays great attention to security facilities with 24-hour security guards.

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It consists of 3 complexes and has a large number of households.

This officetel is divided into east and west faces only, so it can be seen as a property that can be purchased without hesitation for those who do not like facing north.

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As mentioned above, it has a nickname called Eduzone. Schools, academies, police stations, and even cheap food suited to the children's level.

It is also very popular among adults.

The best part is that it is located near a large supermarket, NW Department Store, and Meta Department Store, so consumers' spending is high, so it can be said that it definitely improves the quality of life.


The investment amount in this property is determined directly by the investor, and investment profits are paid in cash. Afterwards, if you want to sell the ownership of the property and receive the sales amount,

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The amount will be returned in GENA. For further details, please check the user guide at the top menu.

Drawing of property for sale

Rental $ 7,750

Buy 600 out of 155000 total NFTs

NFT issued as proof of ownership of this item