What kind of system is nawall?

Let’s find out, nawall!

In Metaverse Real Estate you receive actual monthly rent dividends rather than
virtual compensation?

Secure Investment
Easy investment for anyone

Real estate investment starting from
as little as 100,000 won!
Let’s start receiving monthly rent
through Metaverse real estate
investment, which is easy to start!

Transparent Platform
NFT Metaverse Investment

Monthly rent dividend rights for split
Metaverse real estate shares are paid as
NFT! Stay safe with blockchain NFT!

Cash out any time
Real Profit Dividend

Monthly rent generated from real estate that matches 1:1 with Nawoland
in real life can be withdrawn with
Gena Coin!

Fixed income investment

Real, not virtual, monthly rent is paid
every month through 1:1 connection
with real estate in Nawalland's


Room 703, Middle Forest

No. 58, Nawalland Forest Road

Buy 20 out of 151200 total NFTs | $ 77 (0.01%)



Residual equity


Room 1307, Daubigny Garden

No. 1307, 13th floor, Daubigny Garden, 100 Nawoland Garden-gil

Buy 460 out of 415800 total NFTs | $ 1,769 (0.11%)



Residual equity


Room 1418, Riverside

No. 1418, 14th floor, Riverside, 2 River Park Road, Nawo Land

Buy 60 out of 106000 total NFTs | $ 231 (0.06%)



Residual equity

A professional advisory group with 20 years of experience operates directly.

Why is Nawalland safe?

Nawall is a combination of an advisory group that manages the real world and dozens of developers that manage the virtual space. We are creating more perfect investment properties through real-time property checks, risk analysis, and constant meetings with developers. Nawall operates with the purpose of thoroughly protecting virtual space landlords.

Nawalland stability check
Real estate agent

Licensed real estate agents check the properties in real time. We manage products including tenant changes, object defects, and local commercial news.


A legal professional checks in real time any changes to records such as a copy of the property registration, building register, and cadastral map.

Tax Accountant

The tax accountant carefully checks and notifies the real estate and operating expenses used in the month.


Narwall investors’ stories

Check out vivid reviews from customers who invest in Nawall!

It is very simple and easy to invest even with a small amount, and the Metaverse is unique and the monthly rent that comes in every month brings joy!


I like that the interest rate is much higher than putting savings in a bank, and I like that I can receive monthly rent in cash even though it is a metaverse property


Since it is verified by an actual attorney, tax accountant, and real estate agent, even if it is a metaverse property, you can invest with confidence because it is linked to reality.


Even if you invest a small amount, it is good to receive monthly rent with a certain probability, and it is good because it has high verification and reliability.

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A special real estate platform that combines metaverse and reality

The most special real estate platform, Nawall

Real buildings in the real world were built in the metaverse Nawalland?!
Let’s collect monthly rent simply and easily with 1:1 linking!
A unique and simple piece of real estate investment!

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